Our Vision

Geneticists, genetic counselors, public health officials and consumers working together to promote awareness, understanding, and access to genetic services.

Our Charter

“The New England Regional Genetics Group was formed in order to serve as a consortium of genetics service providers, public health planners, consumer groups, and general and state maternal and child health personnel in New England.

“Its primary activities are to serve as a forum for the discussion of region-wide concerns regarding the provision of optimal services in clinical genetics and genetics education, and to undertake specific programs for the enhancement of genetics services in New

“The organization encourages the broad review of genetics issues, the formation of special study groups, holding relevant conferences and the creation of continuing projects which assist in education and service delivery.”

— from our Articles of Incorporation

Our History

The group was originally formed in 1977 under a grant from Maternal and Child Health.

When that grant program ended, we incorporated as a charity under the name “NERGG, Incorporated” in 1993.

NERGG Inc. continues to help fill the gaps in service in the six New England States, working in concert with the many fine universities and medical institutions and with other related programs in the region.