AMH Scholarships

A. Merrill Henderson Consumer Scholarship Fund

The A. Merrill Henderson Consumer Scholarship Fund offers financial assistance to enable New England residents affected by a genetic condition to attend relevant conferences. Consumers often seek to educate themselves about genetic issues; conferences and meetings offer important opportunities to gather current information, discover resources, and network with others with common interests. Attending conferences often requires a significant investment of time and resources.

The Fund was established in recognition of the dedicated service of A. Merrill Henderson, NERGG’s second coordinator and long-time treasurer.  During her twelve-year tenure as coordinator, she diligently pursued NERGG’s mission to promote high-quality genetic services throughout our region and was a strong advocate for integrating the views of consumers in this process.

In years past, families have been able to participate in national events related to numerous conditions including Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, isodicentric 15, Klinefelter syndrome, neurofibromatosis, propionic acidemia, and Sotos syndrome.  Families tell us these are vital opportunities for them to become knowledgeable and active in their own care, and they are eager to share information gained with other consumers and professionals.

Individuals requesting support from the A. Merrill Henderson Scholarship Fund should forward an application letter expressing their interest to [email protected].  Letters should describe the significance of the specific conference to the applicant, and conference registration materials should be included with the application.  There is a maximum $250 award per applicant, dependent on the availability of funds, with priority given to applicants who have not received funding in the prior five years.  Reimbursement is given following provision of a conference receipt to the NERGG Executive Director.  Individuals who receive support from The Fund are required to provide a brief written summary of their conference experience to be presented at our Annual Meeting in December.  Awardees are invited to become more involved with NERGG and to join as consumer members.

A relatively small grant can have a significant and lasting effect on an individual and their family.   The A. Merrill Henderson Scholarships are funded solely by­ voluntary contributions from NERGG members and other interested parties. To continue to offer this financial assistance, we need your support and would appreciate your tax-deductible donations.